MILAT Ivan [AU]:
Serial killer breaks silence, denies brother implicated

One of Australia's notorious serial killers, Ivan Milat, has broken his silence to reject suggestions by lawyers during his trial that one of his brothers was implicated in the murder of seven backpackers. ..In an interview, due to be screened by ABC television late Monday, Milat, 59, talked from inside the maximum security section of Goulburn prison west of Sydney about a key part of the defence used by his lawyers during the 1996 trial. >>>ReadOn


Hunting two “virgins” per year

Authorities in Belgium, France but also Netherlands and even Denmark are digging through more than 30 cases during the last decades which show some similarities with Michel FOURNIRETs crimes... >>>ReadOn


RUNGE Paul Frederick [US]:
Appellate court rules in favor of accused serial killer

An appellate court has reversed several convictions against accused serial killer Paul RUNGE, won by Will County prosecutors who acknowledge they invoked a "creative" interpretation of the law to get the longest sentence possible. >>>ReadOn