PHILIPPI Serial Killer [ZA]:
Alleged serial killer in court today

A 49-year-old man from Phillipi has appeared briefly at the Wynberg Magistrates Court today. The man was arrested in connection with eight murders and six rapes that took place in the Cape Peninsula between July and November this year. >>>ReadOn

Restrictions lifted on Serial Killer HOMOLKA

The families of her victims are hopeful that a judge's decision to lift all 14 restrictions on serial killer Karla Homolka, imposed by the court before she was released from prison, will be appealed by the Quebec government. >>>ReadOn

PHILIPPI Serial Killer [ZA]:
Serial Killer suspect tries to hang himself

PHILIPPI Serial Killer, South Africa
The man arrested in connection with a spate of murders and rapes in the farmlands of Philippi tried to hang himself in a Philippi police cell on Sunday night.

The man, who was due to appear in the Wynberg magistrate's court on Monday, is now in Groote Schuur Hospital under police guard. >>>ReadOn


JONES Jeremy Bryan [US]:
Suspected serial killer arrives on death row

Deputies at an Alabama jail who were preparing to take suspected serial killer Jeremy Jones to court Thursday morning for his sentencing in the rape and murder of a woman discovered him wearing a sign that read: "I am the victim."
They made him take it off before he got to court.

PHILIPPI Serial Killer [ZA]:
Cops nab serial killer suspect

A man suspected of being behind a string of murders and sexual attacks that has sowed fear in the small farming community at Philippi has been arrested.
This comes after eight murders were reported in the area in the past six weeks.
Last week two farm workers were found dead on a farm in the area.